Comperative analysis of pepsi and coca cola ppt

Impact of effective leadership in an organization Thus, the true nature of business may not be reflected. The Four Types of Competition A business can either do a focus or a leadership type approach to competition. In other words businesses will not trust the new entrant if it cannot deliver efficiently and at a competitive price too.


Present scenario and future prospect It is similar to but distinct from comparative advantage. While fast food places are most easy to notice, all businesses actually do this. Companies can easily decide which areas they should strengthen, protect or what strategies they should pursue.

Comparative Advantage

But they are missing Apple's secret weapon in comparing Apples to Apples, so to speak. Ratings should be assigned using benchmarking or during team discussions.

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Growth rate and relative market share are not the only indicators of profitability. Hopefully, this will lead to them choosing to support the company in the future. They range from 4 to 1, where 4 means a major strength, 3 — minor strength, 2 — minor weakness and 1 — major weakness.

If you can establish a long term contract with your customer, then clearly they are less likely to switch to a competitor.

This model ignores and overlooks other indicators of profitability. Unless a dog has some other strategic aim, it should be liquidated if there is fewer prospects for it to gain market share. The mid-point of relative market share is set at 1.

Financial securities [icici lombard] AUTO industry in India The results of the matrix facilitate decision-making. To devise corporate strategy, firm managers must consider a host of influences in their surrounding environment that can affect the firm's ongoing operations as well as the internal strengths and weaknesses that characterize the firm.

Business Strategy Examples

Doing the Apple Math: Martin luther king jr hope essay. Paul mitchell essay essays and reviews controversy sells only child parent relationship essay two country comparison essay. Rating The ratings in CPM refer to how well companies are doing in each area.

There has been a lot of debate recently about the true value of a patent. Distribution network of cocacola My dog is my best friend essay paragraph. Adherents to this analytical approach believe that countries engaged in international trade will have already worked toward finding partners with comparative advantages.

But that will not happen again and in recent decades Coca-Cola has had to undergo major change in its brand image.PowerPoint Presentation: The Coca Cola Timeline Safeguarding the brand ( – ) Cuba, Canada and Panama become the first countries outside the U.S to bottle Coca Cola.

Copycat beverages try to capitalize on the succes of Coca-Cola - Bottles of Coca-Cola are delivered by hors-drawn cariages The annual. Coca Cola vs Pepsi in Bangladesh Executive summary This report provides an analysis and evaluation of the Pepsi and Coca cola in their customer segmentation models.

Horizontal or trend analysis of financial statements

This method of analysis includes Market Segmentation, Market Targeting, Market Positioning, as well as the Marketing Mix of Pepsi and Coca cola.

The Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo, Inc. August 30, Quality-- Create a to slide presentation that addresses each question within the Comparative Analysis Case. The Competitive Profile Matrix (CPM) is a tool that compares the firm and its rivals and reveals their relative strengths and weaknesses.

Strategy and Competitive Advantage of Starbucks.

Competitive Profile Matrix (CPM)

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Comperative analysis of pepsi and coca cola ppt
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